Return to the Middle Ground: Cover Story for Scout Somerville


Cover of the January/ February edition of Scout Somerville; photo by Michael Rose.


The time for excuses is over and I have thus made the obligatory 2013 resolution to return to The Middle Ground as frequently and as consistently as possible. This may only be every so often, but it will be more than twice a year, rest assured.

To kick things off, I’m including a link to my latest article for Scout Somerville (the magazine formerly known as Somerville Scout). “The New Face of Old Somerville” discusses changes to Somerville and the growing sense of  disenfranchisement among lifelong residents in the face of ongoing gentrification. It also deals with many of the issues featured on this site and includes a brief ode to the now extinct local supermarket chain, Johnnie’s Foodmaster, so please check it out.

If you live in the Somerville area, try to pick up the print version of the magazine as it features some great photography by Michael Rose and several stories of interest, including a beautifully written portrait of the Somerville poet Matt Ganem by writer Eli Jace.

Happy 2013 and cheers to a more productive future!

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